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Balena Etcher 1.7.8 – Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives

Download Balena Etcher 1.7.8 Latest Version for Windows, macOS, and Linux. For Linux and Windows users, the software is available in 32-bit and 64-bit. Explore downloads for Balena etcher by clicking on the button given below.


Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily.

Etcher is a powerful OS image flasher built with web technologies to ensure flashing an SDCard or USB drive is a pleasant and safe experience. It protects you from accidentally writing to your hard-drives, ensures every byte of data was written correctly and much more.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Linux (most distros)
  • macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) and later
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and later

Note that Etcher will run on any platform officially supported by Electron. Read more in their documentation.


Refer to the downloads page for the latest pre-made installers for all supported operating systems.

Debian and Ubuntu based Package Repository (GNU/Linux x86/x64)

  1. Add Etcher debian repository:
 echo "deb stable etcher" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/balena-etcher.list 
 sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 379CE192D401AB61 
 sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install balena-etcher-electron 
sudo apt-get remove balena-etcher-electron sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/balena-etcher.list sudo apt-get update 

Redhat (RHEL) and Fedora based Package Repository (GNU/Linux x86/x64)

  1. Add Etcher rpm repository:
 sudo wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/etcher-rpm.repo 
 sudo yum install -y balena-etcher-electron 
 sudo dnf install -y balena-etcher-electron 
sudo yum remove -y balena-etcher-electron sudo rm /etc/yum.repos.d/etcher-rpm.repo sudo yum clean all sudo yum makecache fast 
sudo dnf remove -y balena-etcher-electron sudo rm /etc/yum.repos.d/etcher-rpm.repo sudo dnf clean all sudo dnf makecache 

Solus (GNU/Linux x64)

sudo eopkg it etcher 
sudo eopkg rm etcher 

Brew Cask (macOS)

Note that the Etcher Cask has to be updated manually to point to new versions, so it might not refer to the latest version immediately after an Etcher release.

brew cask install balenaetcher 
brew cask uninstall balenaetcher 

Chocolatey (Windows)

This package is maintained by @majkinetor, and is kept up to date automatically.

choco install etcher 
choco uninstall etcher 


If you’re having any problem, please raise an issue on GitHub and the team will be happy to help.


Etcher is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the license.

Balena Etcher 1.7.8 – Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives

Download Balena Etcher 1.7.8 Latest Version for Windows, macOS, and Linux. For Linux and Windows users, the software is available in 32-bit and 64-bit. Explore downloads for Balena etcher by clicking on the button given below.

Table of Contents

What is Balena Etcher?

Balena Etcher is a free and open-source utility that allows you to create bootable USB drives, and SD cards with the click of a button. The app was developed to improve upon the existing software available for users, including the ability to write images to USB drives with a very large capacity.

This cross-platform software is very easy to use, handy and doesn’t require complicated installation. Even flashing USB Drives and SD Cards is itself a 3 step process that includes selecting the image file > then the drive and finally just hitting the ‘Flash’ button.


BalenaEtcher is a better way to flash USB Drives and SD Cards. Now, let’s see what features make it stand out from the crowd.


Unlike other flashing tools like Rufus, etc, Balena Etcher is quite handy to use and comes with a very intuitive interface that even allows a newbie to flash a file.

Free & Open-Source

This software falls under FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), which means it’s a freeware utility software and has strong community support worldwide.

Cross-Platform Support

You may find many flashing tools exclusively available for a selected platform only. However, that’s not the case with Balena Etcher. This tool is available for Windows OS as well as Linux and macOS too.

Flash From URL

Major bootable USB flash drive software allows you to flash by choosing the file, but Balena Etcher also lets you Flash from a URL. Just paste the file URL and hit the ‘Flash’ button. That’s easy.

Clone Drive

Already have a bootable drive and wanna clone it to another drive? No worries! Etcher by Balena lets you clone drive as well. Just select the source drive and the destination drive and proceed.

Downloads for balenaEtecher v1.7.8

Balena Etcher for Windows (x86 | x64) [Installer] Download
Balena Etcher for Windows (x86 | x64) [Portable] Download
Balena Etcher for macOS (x64) Download
Balena Etcher for Linux x64 (64-bit) [AppImage] Download
Balena Etcher for Linux x86 (32-bit) [AppImage] Download

This is an unofficial website for resource and download purposes. Balena, Its logo, Etcher, and other trademarks belong to Balena. We neither claim nor hold any copyrights regarding the software and Balena itself. The website is solely made for resource and educational purposes. All the links are malicious-free and don’t contain any virus or spyware. In case, if you have any doubt then you can scan it through ViruslTotal or just download Etcher through Github Page here.

Change Log

Below are the change logs for balenaEtcher v1.7.8:

  1. [PATCH] – complete suse uninstall readme [Peter Makra].
  2. [PATCH] – completed suse instructions [Peter Makra].
  3. [PATCH] – order rpm instrictions [Peter Makra].
  4. [PATCH] – enabled update notification for version 1.7.8 [Peter Makra].
  5. [PATCH] – updated title to balenaEtcher [Peter Makra].
  6. [PATCH] – cleanup and organize readme [Peter Makra].
  7. [PATCH] – extend cloudsmith attribution in readme [Peter Makra].
  8. [UPDATE] – macOS Icon to Big Sur Style [Logicer].

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Check out the list below.

Is balenaEtcher Free?

Yeah, it’s completely freeware utility software as it falls under the FOSS category.

What does Balena etcher do?

It allows you to flash or make your USB Drive or SD Card bootable with just a few clicks.

Does Balena etcher work with Linux?

Yeah, it’s a cross-platform software and does support Linux along with other operating systems like Windows, and macOS.

May I run Etcher in older macOS versions?

You can run balenaEtcher on macOS 10.10+ only as its GUI is based on the Electron Framework.

Are there any Balen Etcher Alternatives?

There are a couple of best Balena Etcher alternatives that you can try. Some of them are Rufus and UNetbootin.

Balena Etcher – This is an unofficial website. All logos and trademarks belong to their respective owners. The site is meant for resource purposes only.

How to create a Live Linux USB drive using Etcher

I n the Linux community, one thing is common between almost all of the users: trying out different Linux distributions. Most of the Linux based distributions have a great way of being tested as they provide ISO images for creating a Live USB.

In this method, the distribution is installed on a USB drive, which is later used as the boot device. You boot into the distribution without modifying your system configuration – pretty neat.

Now, there are different methods of creating a live USB, but we’re going to talk about a particular program today: Etcher.

Etcher Features

Etcher has recently become very popular in the Linux community, due to its simplistic nature. We have recommended on multiple articles to use Ether to create a live USB drive. Etcher can also be used to flash SD cards, like for the Raspberry Pi operating systems. Let’s talk about the features of Etcher.

1. Beautiful Interface

The interface is the most fantastic thing about Etcher. Historically, bootable drive creators have been not so good looking, complicated, and overall an unpleasant experience. Although Etcher, it has a pretty minimal interface. There are only three buttons in the window:

    Select Image: To select the location of the image of the operating system that you want to create a bootable drive

There are small buttons for opening up the preferences window, and to get help on the top right corner.

2. Validation

This is a unique feature of Etcher. After the image has been flashed to the USB drive or the SD card, Etcher runs a validation process that confirms that the flashing has been done correctly. This is helpful because often, it is found that the flashed drive is corrupt while attempting to boot from it. The validation process prevents that to a large extent.

3. Drive Selection

Etcher chooses one of the external storage devices by itself, and it is generally the obvious choice of a USB drive, according to the storage space. It happens many times that accidentally, the flashing gets done to hard drives or some device that you don’t want to use. To make things better, Etcher also lists the storage space of the device, along with the name for better distinction.

Install Etcher on Linux

Ubuntu/Debian and their derivatives

The repositories of Etcher are available for these systems. For installation, enter these commands:

echo "deb stable etcher" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/balena-etcher.list
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkps:// --recv-keys 379CE192D401AB61

This adds the repositories. Now an update is required:

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  • Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) Beta Installation and Overview
  • Installing and using Snap packages on Linux Mint

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