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IFun Screen Recorder – The most reliable screen capture tool for computer screen recording

In like manner, IObit furthermore has another fantastic resource iFun Screenshot. With this gadget, you can take and adjust PC screenshots speedier and less complex.

iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder is a Windows program that you can use to take videos of any part of your PC screen. With the help of multiple tools, you can easily make your recordings and even edit their content.

In iFun Screen Recorder, you see a truly intuitive interface where the various functions are well segmented. The program allows you to record your full screen or a selected area. If you choose the latter, you can focus the recording on what you really want to show on your PC desktop.

With IObit Screen Recorder you can also simultaneously record audio from a microphone or speaker. However, the interface allows you to silence any input you like. What’s more, this app has a variety of options to add effects to highlight your mouse clicks. This feature is quite useful when you are recording a presentation and you want to highlight a certain process.

iFun Screen Recorder is compatible with the main video formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS and GIF. At the same time, the program has the tools required to instantly share your content onto platforms like YouTube, Instagram or Twitch. In fact, if you want to edit anything in the content you captured, you don’t have to leave the app as it has a simple editor built in that makes this process very easy.

With iFun Screen recorder you can record videos and share them onto the main online platforms. Record in high quality and without watermarks by just choosing the area you want to record and the app will do the rest. The editor incorporated in the program will be very useful to modify any part of your recordings without having to resort to other external apps to do so.

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More information

License Free
Op. System Windows
Category Capture
Language English

iFun Screen Recorder – The most reliable screen capture tool for computer screen recording

iFun Screen Recorder is correct now the best screen recorder for getting video accounts on the PC. iFun Screen Recorder is a free and clear screen recorder with a light video article chief consolidated into it. The item considers clear screen recording, screen catch, and video changing. You can meanwhile record video, sound, and webcam using the iFun Screen Recorder. It can get top type (4k) accounts for the entire screen, a window, or any picked region, with or without sound from your intensifier and speaker.

It can moreover get accounts with a webcam overlay. It’s a free screen recorder for Windows 10 arranged by IObit that permits you to record whatever happens on your PC’s screen. It saves the sound from your PC’s beneficiary and speaker so it might be used in the recorded film. It allows the customer to get a full screen, a region picked for front line video recording, or a particular window. It moreover helps you to record sound with a speaker and mouthpiece, notwithstanding different things. It’s moreover extraordinary for online classes, video narratives, and workshops, similarly as gatherings, video conferencing, and that is just a glimpse of something larger.

By showing a cursor and using action in the snap movement, you can without a very remarkable stretch combine mouse click impacts in the records. You can moreover take screenshots viably when recording the screen. On the other hand, it is amazingly improbable to set a narrative time, and the watermark is rejected from the photos. You can supportively record accounts for a boundless proportion of time. It similarly offers a grouping of video associations to investigate, including FLV, GIF, AV, MP4, MKV, MOV and TS.

Following are the features of iFun Screen Recorder:

1. Revamped Recording:

You can record any space of your screen as you need. There’s no obstruction to recording the whole screen. You’ll fundamentally drag the mouse to the space you should record and it’ll help record simply that appealing fragment. As opposed to various gadgets and applications, the free online screen recorder gives the changed screen recording mechanical assembly to shape their customers’ record even more with no issue.

2. Boundless Recording:

You can record a video with no time limitation. You’ll record a video several minutes to various hours. A couple of instruments don’t give this component of boundless account and customers can’t record chronicles a genuine hour long.

3. HD video with no watermark:

There are various instruments on the web that either record video in deficiency or put a watermark on your video. Other than those contraptions required downloading and presenting. iFun Screen Recorder gives a specific free screen recorder that records HD accounts with no watermark.

4. Face cam Recording:

iFun Screen Recorder in a similar manner gives a face recording mechanical assembly. It gives the customers a face cam work and allows them to record their faces while making the video. This part helps instructors in recording their discussions, understudies in making their acquaintances and Youtubers with explaining the substance of their accounts.

5. No loosen while simultaneously recording:

iFun screen recorder gives HD accounts just as improves the recorder so there’s no loosening while you record your HD screen video. It helps in making a smooth and strain free video.

6. Sound narrative include:

It helps in recording sound alongside your chronicles. The sound recorder is nearly equivalent to the screen recorder. It helps in recording each word and syllable with no twisting. Likewise help in making free top quality video with high voice quality.

7. Video Editing:

It moreover gives a web video modifying device during which you make updates in your accounts and add messages, etc The video changing gadget is successful and direct to use with no watermark.

8. Various Convert Options:

It moreover gives assorted yield decisions. You’ll change over your recorded video in 12 one of a kind setups. You’ll pick the course of action you discover most fittingly consistent with your necessities.

In like manner, IObit furthermore has another fantastic resource iFun Screenshot. With this gadget, you can take and adjust PC screenshots speedier and less complex.

Online Version

There is a sound record on the website, which you can find in case you would not really like to download the program.iFun Screen Recorder also supplies a screen recorder online that resembles this sort of download, easy to use, anyway with no security features. For example, there is a 10-minute cutoff for catches. In assessment, the ones you download don’t have a huge load of data.

Of course, when you download the iFun Screen Recorder, you can save the data to DAT, DVR, BBC, 3GP, and various designs. You can in like manner change the got video and the video report inside and share the got picture to YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, to say the least.

Easy to Edit and Share Recording Videos

iFun is your best Recorder concerning its supportiveness. It can change video, convert, record sound, and use the front camera for recording. It isn’t hard to record and share to others by YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, FaceBook, etc

The screenshot can be taken while shooting, and the program doesn’t concede when you use it.

Quite far

iFun Screen Recorder is splendid programming for screen catch. Get a little involvement in faces and illuminated appearances. Things to be thankful for: versatility, viability, and a huge load of comfort.

If you need a screen recorder, download iFun Screen Recorder or use its online transformation from Iobit, too.

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