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We Heart It Reviews

About: We Heart It is a refreshingly positive community where you can search, save, and
share what inspires you. Browse We Heart It and share your passion for inspiring
quotes, fashion, beauty, photography, travel, music, and more.

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About We Heart It

What is We Heart It? We Heart It is a social media app that allows users to search, save, and share inspiring content such as quotes, fashion, beauty, photography, travel, music, and more. The app has a positive community of millions of creators who share their passion for inspiring content. The app also offers premium features for a better user experience.


– Daily feed of inspiring content

– Search millions of posts and find inspiration

– Follow like-minded creators, top influencers, trending topics, and collections

– Download and save favorite images to camera roll

– Heart posts and save them to a collection

– Invite friends to contribute to collaborative collections

– Upload photos and edit them in the built-in photo editor

– Write articles and share them with followers

– Customize profile with various unique backgrounds and colors

– Access exclusive wallpapers curated by editors

– Download unlimited watermark-free images

– Apply exclusive filters or overlays to images

– Unlock ad-free experience

– Premium Home Screen widgets

– Customize app icon

– Start a free 3-day trial

– View Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

– We Heart It FAQ

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Negative experience
Positive experience

Key Benefits of We Heart It

– Provides a platform for people to post photos and make collections

– Unique images than Pinterest

– Eliminates ads with a paid account

16,582 We Heart It Reviews

4.4 out of 5

Please remove the watermark completely.

I have been using WeHeartIt for a very long time now, for picture’s that I can use while editing, and the watermark has been the most disappointing update WeHeartIt has had. We heart It does not own the photo’s, it only provides a platform for real life people to post photo’s and make collections. We (the people who use WeHeartIt ) upload these photo’s into collections or just to upload them for others, so people can enjoy using them however they please. We should not have to only download 10 images a day because you want to put a watermark on all of the photo’s, and we shouldn’t have to spend money on a membership for photo’s we could just google and find. There is no other app like we heart it, and everyone cherishes WeHeartIt very much, we are grateful for a platform where you can find photo’s on and make friends with people who have similar interests. Although we are not grateful for now having to pay for photo’s that we have gotten for free since the beginning of WeHeartIt . Once again whi does not own these photo’s, they provide a platform for people to upload photo’s, and making us pay for a membership just to download photo’s tell’s all of us that you are just trying to make more of a profit when thousands of people use WeHeartIt already, please just remove the watermark completely. we’d be grateful.

Great Idea for an app… poor execution

I’ve used WeHeartIt for years and have loved it! but I have some serious bones to pick with the developers: the functionality of WeHeartIt has somehow gotten worse over the years— which is a rare feat in app development. WeHeartIt lags constantly, it makes my phone overheat, and it will randomly freeze and force quit at least once every time I try to use WeHeartIt . The ads are overwhelming. I understand having ads is a necessary evil these days (even though it managed to be ad free for years back in the day) HOWEVER, there is an ad every 2-4 posts which is insane. And there’s a banner ad at the bottom too. And there’s an ad (sometimes multiple) if you try to download an image. It’s so much that it’s hindering user experience. My advice to the team is to try to make the ads less obtrusive and integrate them seamlessly into the feed. Another issue I’d like to address is the “image not available” placeholder appearing where you’d saved an image no longer available in a collection. Why show me that? Why not just remove it from the collection or hide it? I’m pretty sure this is a recent update thing because I’ve never seen it happen before. It really ruins the aesthetics of the collection, at least give us an option to hide it. Please please please listen to your user base!! None of us want to abandon WeHeartIt but it is so hard to use these days!

OG User here!

I’ve been on WHI since the beginning & have enjoyed being apart of their growth over the years. I’ve always had a paid account, which is so worth it! Eliminates the ads & just a smoother experience. Highly suggest just forking over the $20/yr fee!
I own an online boutique & always need random artwork for my instagram feed to “flow”. WeHeartIt has more unique images than Pinterest, which is ridiculously saturated. I’m starting to notice WHI is beginning to become this way too, which I really wish they’d have a better system of kicking duplicate images people post. Never fails when I search for “sunflowers” for example- I’ll see the same exact sunflower image 2 dozen times while scrolling thru the thousands of others.
Also, I hope they can tweak their search feature to include either images or users, as it’s sooo saturated with I guess Asian pop singers? I’m not familiar with this, but it seems that’s what normally appears first in almost all of my searches- no matter what I search.
Other than those minor things, WeHeartIt is awesome! I can’t help but hesitate posting this review, as I almost don’t want more users to be using the same unique images I’m finding! Being selfish here, but it’s the truth! The internet is clogged as it is!

Please get rid of the watermark on saved photos

I have been using WeHeartIt for years mainly for editing purposes and when I first used WeHeartIt there were barely any ads. Now there are ads everywhere, even multiple ads after just trying to save one photo. I’m constantly getting taken to WeHeartIt store or safari even when I haven’t touched anything. It is really, VERY annoying especially when every single ad is a scam anyways.
Here is what is making me very angry though; just recently after I saved a bunch of photos I noticed they ALL had the We Heart It logo in the corner! We get it, you are trying to get your money, but it is going to make you lose a bunch of users. People make edits or transparents that take hours or even days to finish just to get WeHeartIt ’s logo slapped on it. It doesn’t seem right, even if it may be technically allowed.
WeHeartIt has become unusable at this point. You shouldn’t have to buy being able to save a photo. It can improve if you just limit the amount of ads and stop being so money-hungry. Yeah it may be “affordable” but no one is going to buy saving a photo without a watermark, you can just simply google at that point. There is really no app like We Heart It, it brings groups together and it’s amazing, so please consider this.

I want the old WeHeartIt

WeHeartIt used to be my favorite app, I loved it more than Pinterest. But now I hate it. The ads are so annoying! Everywhere, all see are ads, ads, and ads. Why do they put so many ads when they already have they won’t even let us download pics without them having a watermark?? I get that we can download 10 pics after the watermark but it’s still useless and annoying. And we also have to pay to have the color background. I’m so disappointed. I loved WeHeartIt so much, I used to spend hours just to make collections because it was this fun. But now, it’s just full ads, stupid watermarks, and that stupid subscription and premium. The photos there are great (well not until the watermark is on it, it’s annoying) but WeHeartIt itself is annoying. I also got hacked on my other account (@3uphoria) and tried contacting them but they never responded. I still use WeHeartIt but not as much as I used to. By the way the watermark is SO useless! Look at Pinterest, WeHeartIt is so known but there are no watermarks. Why is Pinterest so known? Well 1. No annoying ads everywhere 2. No watermarks 3. No premium or subscriptions 4. Great photos and you can find almost anything there (whi already has that). I beg for whi to bring whi back. It’s such a great app. I loved it much better than any photo app out there, including Pinterest. I’ve known WeHeartIt for years now. I’m so disappointed.

whi doomed itself ����

as an editor, i’ve been on we heart it for a while now, and i have absolutely LOVED WeHeartIt for many things. it’s easy to find background pictures and editing needs as well as celebrity pictures. however, whi has doomed itself by adding premium things you have to pay for. most of the people i know that use WeHeartIt are teenagers, mostly BROKE teenagers. we cannot afford to pay for a subscription just to take watermarks out and download gifs. whi, i’m just really disappointed now. do you have to pay for instagram or pinterest ? i think rather than adding a watermark ( which makes no sense at all. ) whi can make profits by maybe adding coins . ? similar to the amino coin feature, where certain pictures can only be downloaded by paying a creator coins. and ofc, the coins would have to be bought. i think this could be a great incentive for creators & editors & artists on WeHeartIt. and whi would hopefully make lots of profit. however, putting a watermark? throws a lot of people off and letting us have a daily number of saves doesn’t make me feel too good. it makes me feel like whi is looking down on me for not being able to afford the subscription. ps. even if i ask my parents to buy the subscription for me, do you really think they’ll do it ? they’ll just tell me to find images somewhere else ��✋

STILL Money Hungry

I’ve used WeHeartIt for years. I understand you need ads to make profit and they’re not annoying on the bottom of the screen or in the middle of collections, but let’s not force users to deal with ads when trying to save a photo every. single. time. Please do not turn into one of those apps.

Above was an old review, and now I’m just here to say you really don’t care about your users. Putting watermarks on photos that aren’t even yours?? You’re literally limiting everything we do on here just because you want money. The multiple ads weren’t enough nor were the already existing optional plans?? No, now you have to practically force us to buy a plan. Are you trying to see how many users you can lose or??

Update : You’re not even trying to listen to your users. You literally just replied saying you only increased the number of images we can save before getting a watermark and for me to get one of your plans. The issue is the fact that you’re putting watermarks on photos that don’t belong to you in the first place as a way to limit daily free use of WeHeartIt because you just want us to buy your memberships!! There are plenty of users upset about the direction WeHeartIt is headed but you guys literally don’t care at all. I seriously feel like nothing will be done until people stop giving you 4 star reviews. Pinterest is way easier to use anyways

Pinterest’s greedy little brother

this app watermarks images that they *DO NOT* own copyright of (if the user has the free version, of course, because every website or app is trying to go premium these days to drain everyone’s wallets now). I don’t see how they aren’t in legal trouble due to copyright infringement. Anyone can easily reverse search the image to save it without the greedy this app watermark, which I advise you to do, because that’s a really, really, really, shady business practice for WHI. I couldn’t imagine how I’d react if I put my artwork on this app, only for them to take credit for all my hard work. (Look up reverse image search on the internet if you don’t know how to!)
this app makes money by ads—every website seems to throw them in your face nowadays, and this app isn’t an exception. Barely even glide by one on mobile and it’ll take you to a third party website or an app you already have installed. This is a VERY INVASIVE thing for an app to do, and has probably been a cause of many users’ departures from WeHeartIt . I don’t blame them either. Fix this and you’ll get a ton more support—guaranteed . . . unless the WHI team is only after data mining and could care less about their users.
We’ll see.

Waste of time

I won’t usually give poor feedback, but I’m in hopes that if enough people send their frustration, the developers of WeHeartIt will get a clue, but it’s obvious ethical standards aren’t a high priority for their company. For this reason , I also don’t believe they’re including all of the bad reviews in their near 5 star rating. At some point, it has to occur to them that they could be making a lot more money with a few minor changes that don’t force subscriptions. I won’t use WeHeartIt at all anymore, and I know there are many people that feel the same. People don’t respond well to pushy, tricky, shady tactics. They don’t jump on board when they feel forced or coerced. If We Heart It insists on sticking to the changes they’ve made and don’t listen to their users, it only confirms their intention to maximize their earnings with unethical behavior, labeling images as their own when they are not, preying on people who subscribe out of frustration or simply because they have no time to call them out and help make a change, and they will continue to prey on those people by increasing costs and restrictions to offset their loss of customers as time passes, so if you’re subscribing to that plan, good luck to you!!

I heart it!

I used to be addicted to Pinterest. Like, I was on it ALL THE TIME for about three years. I used it mostly for memes, but I finally quit it cold turkey about two years ago, and when I got this I promised myself I would not use it for memes. Now, WHI is a wonderful place for me to find references for art, quotes to inspire me when I’m sad, and an aesthetic MACHINE. I can’t imagine not having it anymore because it wins where Pinterest fails. It doesn’t require you to pin to boards- you simply double-tap things you like and they join your “canvas”. Then you can pin things to boards if you want, but you don’t have to. And even if you accidentally like a meme, the overall aesthetic of WHI usually washes it away. On Pinterest, if you like something, you get spammed with repins of the same pin and other pins similar to it. That’s how you end up in a rabbit hole. The interface is also a little easier to navigate.

Overall, tl;dr, it’s a really great app for what it is, and ~I heart it.~

PS, not paid to say this lol. just genuinely like WeHeartIt a lot 🙂

Has a couple issues

Lately, when I use WHI, I will try to post an image and put it into my collections, but the image will not show up on the thumbnail of my collections after it is added. Next, the number of likes is very inaccurate on posts. It will say that there are hundreds or thousands of likes on it, when in reality, you press on the number and it shows less than about 50 people who have hearted it. Also, I understand that you guys need to have ads, but there are too many. Any time I am scrolling through my feed, they always end up taking over my screen, and any time I download an image, I have to wait for the ad to finish. I wish WeHeartIt could go back to how it used to be a few years ago, because now you find a nice image, but it has the watermark plastered on it, and there’s ads everywhere. Not everyone has money to pay for premium and I hope you can fix these issues.

Visually Impaired? This app might not work for you.

Although WeHeartIt has a lot of cool features that make it look nice and help folks make it their own, as a person with a significant vision impairment, I found the user experience to be stressful and exhausting. Although the pictures are big and (simply) splashy, the fonts are either too light in weight, too light in color, too small or all of the above. People with impairments in their vision need fonts with steady heavier weights and darker colors because they offer the contrast we need to help us see! Sometimes even a mild change in the fonts weight or color can help us A LOT. There was also not enough contrast on the buttons, and not having predictive text on the tags as well as a small area to type them in was a stress as well – even on the iPad where there is much more screen real estate, I’d stop using WeHeartIt and feel eyestrain or have a headache. Oh well! Like I said, this was a fun app to try. And it does have a lot of cool features for folks who don’t have to be concerned about the same things that I, or others with vision loss, do.

log in issues

WeHeartIt overall is amazing but on numerous occasions I’ve tried to log in on my iPad and in the middle of me logging in it’ll go right back to the homescreen/ first page for log I’m in the middle of me putting my passcode in. ive logged out on every other device assuming u can’t log in on multiple accounts and it still doesn’t work. another issue is that i recently tried to log in on my iPad and i had to change the password because it’s not letting me log in even though i know for a fact i had the correct password. after i changed it, it still wouldn’t let me log in saying “incorrect password”. one last thing, i keep editing this review, i exited WeHeartIt because i figured it just needed to be restarted, i open it and I’m logged in, just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, i tapped on one of my hearts and it logged me out of the account. i’m planning on not using we heart it anymore. now that I’ve logged out on my phone trying to fix the problem, it’s not letting me log into my phone either. if i don’t get a response to how this can be fixed I’m going to have to upload all of my we heart it images to Pinterest and quit WHI


Let’s get straight into the issue: the watermark.
I have been a user since pretty much the creation of the website and I have never really had problems with it nor with WeHeartIt , and if I ever had those were little bugs which i would ignore, proceed to close WeHeartIt , come a few hours later and problem fixed, so i would never rant about them because it was not worth it. WeHeartIt was great and it made its function: a site for different communities to upload pictures, make collections, fav them and make them “goals”-like, all for free that could be downloaded by others. that’s why i find it unfortunate that in a manipulative way the company (or the owners or anyone behind this) is asking for a subscription to get rid of a watermark, as if the photos uploaded from the users were of the company’s right, i find it a violation because it’s appropriation. memes, fanarts, stories all of those are being uploaded to the site without any income for the creators, the creators won’t have any money for you putting the watermark on their pictures. it is not ok.

By skrrt skrt skrrt

weird noise and inappropriate ads

don’t get me wrong. i absolutely love WHI. i use WeHeartIt to help with character mood boards with stories and just inspiration in general. recently, a weird clicking noise has been playing every once in awhile while i’m on WeHeartIt . i don’t know what it is for or what the point of it is. i also don’t think it’s just my phone because other users have reported this happening. just a few minutes ago i was browsing WHI then all of a sudden the clicking noise played and then a video popped up and covered my whole screen. the video was a porn video. it was very disturbing because i couldn’t close out of the video. i never watch porn or anything like it and in fact i am strongly against it. this is very disturbing and frustrating. it could just be my phone but if it’s WeHeartIt i believe that it should be fixed immediately. i also really wish we could write articles from our phones! i would use WeHeartIt way more after these things are fixed and if we could write articles on our phones!

terrible app

I cant even log into my account after the new update. I try to log in and it tells me to log in through google instead which I try to do and it redirects me to google and then it crashes. So i’m just unable to log back into my account and it won’t let me make a new account. And even before the new update, I was not enjoying WeHeartIt as much as I used to. I do not appreciate getting an ad everytime I download a picture and then on top of that having to deal with the watermark. It doesn’t matter if we get 10 free pics a day without the watermark, those pictures do not belong to you in the first place so why do you get to place a watermark on it? WeHeartIt used to be so much better without all the millions of ads and watermarks. You are just trying to force your users to buy the membership. Some people don’t have the money to do so and you need to be considerate of that. I promise you adding millions of ads and watermarks will not make users buy the membership but instead drive them away from WeHeartIt altogether, like myself. And now I can’t even get back into my account? Do better.

No Upgrade? We’ll take away your notifications!

Lol, soooo a lot of people cannot see their notifications any longer. If you delete WeHeartIt and reinstall it, you still won’t see them. If this is a way to get people to upgrade, you’ve done a huge disservice to your customer base and see you later. because now it’s just a pointless app and based on the way you’re responding to everyone’s feedback with a copy and pasted generic response of; “Due to high demand blah blah blah. ”

I’m good, you don’t really care about customer feedback just money and I’m not mad at you for that, I just won’t use WeHeartIt anymore. After all we still have Pinterest and Instagram and there will be another app soon similar to WHI and you will have lost more overall in the end. WHI is a pretty cool app but as some have said, WeHeartIt is used by a lot of teens that can not afford to purchase your upgrades. Please do not waste time with responding to this review with the same general one you send to all reviewers. It shows how much you really do not value customer feedback or service and it’s rude and inconsiderate. Peace!

STOP the random ads

I understand why ads are included for downloading our “10 un-watermarked pictures a day,” but I do NOT appreciate being bombarded with a random ad as I’m navigating through WeHeartIt normally. I have been a devoted and engaged user on this app for years, and I genuinely love WeHeartIt. I understand you all as a company must make money, and because I believe in WeHeartIt so much, I have stayed through what I understand has been a change in leadership and thereafter a change in the structure of WeHeartIt . I’ve dealt with it all, but one thing I cannot stand are ways to extort money from your users indirectly through annoying and random ads. Please take these away. I love WeHeartIt and it’s users, and I really truly want it to succeed. However, I WILL stop using and recommending WeHeartIt to my friends if the way you deal with your users does not change.

Fantastic App

Honestly, there is nothing bad to say about We Heart It. I have premium, so obviously I really have no complaints about the ‘lack of free content’ or whatever. I enjoy the fact that it’s not social media in the typical sense of the term. You can download/save other users’ photos, but you can’t comment, or really do any real social interaction besides follow people and their collections. It’s a great app for storing photos, as well as just expressing yourself and your interests. We Heart It is one of the few apps that I go onto everyday, I find it to be very user-friendly and just fun to use in general. It’s a much better alternative to Pinterest in every way, which I know some people will disagree with. But overall, We Heart It has a better design, better way to save photos, and it feels more personalized. Definitely recommend to anyone.

good but

i have been using We Heart It for quite some time like i’d say a good four years. i am not a fan of these ads but i understand and that apps have ads regardless of i may like it or not, but what i say could be improved is the layout. the layout of WeHeartIt looks quite crowded, and the search page is just me scrambling to scroll without tapping an ad. suggestion: instagram has their explore page similar to We Heart It, and it would be easy having a more open and less crowded screen. i hope this makes sense and i love the whole app overall and i don’t plan on leaving it any time soon, im always recommending it to others and they’ve grown to love it as well. another thing is that messages page, you guys should make a thing where you can clear your messages i’ve had some for over a year and it just bothers me having them there.

Great, But

WHI is my favorite app. A place where I have spent a lot of my time in the past few years. A lot has changed about WeHeartIt and I am wondering if you guys would be willing to go back to how some things used to be. For one, the ads are overflowing on WeHeartIt . When I first started on WeHeartIt , I don’t ever remember there being any ads. But after a while of using it, I remember them going across the very bottom of the screen. Now, they are literally everywhere. I don’t even touch them and I’ll be fixing my collections when they come onto my screen out of nowhere and cover the whole thing. There’s always a tapping sound when I am using WeHeartIt , and I cannot ever play music while I’m using WHI, because there are so many ads. We shouldn’t have to be closing out of ads every minute, or even less sometimes while using WeHeartIt . Also, many of us would like to write articles from the mobile app. Lastly, I would like to be able to add my images into channels from the mobile app. Thank you for the amazing app, just please consider some of the changes.

STILL Money Hungry

I’ve used WeHeartIt for years. I understand you need ads to make profit and they’re not annoying on the bottom of the screen or in the middle of collections, but let’s not force users to deal with ads when trying to save a photo every. single. time. Please do not turn into one of those apps.

Above was an old review, and now I’m just here to say you really don’t care about your users. Putting watermarks on photos that aren’t even yours?? You’re literally limiting everything we do on here just because you want money. The multiple ads weren’t enough nor were the already existing optional plans?? No, now you have to practically force us to buy a plan. Are you trying to see how many users you can lose or??

Update : You’re not even trying to listen to your users. You literally just replied saying you only increased the number of images we can save before getting a watermark and for me to get one of your plans. The issue is the fact that you’re putting watermarks on photos that don’t belong to you in the first place as a way to limit daily free use of WeHeartIt because you just want us to buy your memberships!! There are plenty of users upset about the direction WeHeartIt is headed but you guys literally don’t care at all. I seriously feel like nothing will be done until people stop giving you 4 star reviews. Pinterest is way easier to use anyways

Pretty pretty please

I would like to start off this review by saying that I absolutely ADORE WeHeartIt/website. I literally sit on it for hours at a time everyday and I can never get enough of it. I literally recommend it to all of my friends and family whenever I get the chance.
The only thing I ask for you guys to consider is to give users the ability to write articles from their phones! I would be writing articles on the daily and using WeHeartIt 5x more if I could write through my phone! I LOVE that articles is a thing now, and I cannot wait to start writing. So pretty pretty please make this a thing. Give users the ability to be even more creative and obsessed with WeHeartIt!!

Insane censorship

I don’t know when this app got so strict on what types of pictures could be posted on their app, but it’s gotten ridiculous. It’s not like they were ever all that lenient in the first place. Innocent photos have been getting flagged on WeHeartIt since the beginning, but it seems like lately they’ve gotten even more strict and I didn’t even think that was possible. It’s not like I’m trying to post nude photos or a picture of someone shooting heroin or something. If too much skin is shown in a photo, it’s flagged. If you can see a cigarette in the photo, it’s flagged. Some photos are flagged for literally no reason. It’s ridiculous. this app is my go to app for posting pictures because I look at it as a type of storage for pictures, but I keep having to find other places to post the pictures I wanna post because WeHeartIt wants to be for little children now I guess. I get wanting to keep harmful pics off WeHeartIt , but come on. Pictures that aren’t showing any private parts should not be flagged as inappropriate just cause a girl is wearing a short skirt or something.

By Supernatural doughnut

There’s issues

I’ve had an account for years. It’s a fun way to pass the time. I thought I lost my account and then I reset the password. I can log in fine on desktop, but when I tried mobile, nothing happened. I put my login in keychain, and then WeHeartIt tells me I set my account up using gmail so I have to log in with it. Ummm. no? I use a gmail email, but I didn’t connect my account to it. I clicked to see what would happen, and I just get a blank page anyway. Please fix this.

Stop guilt tripping people who want to know why you added intrusive ads into WeHeartIt . I feel it’s perfectly okay to ask considering the site app was running fine in previous years without popups. In fact, now there’s even premium features to this site, so any excuses involving “we run ads to keep the site running” boil my blood. You know exactly what you’re doing, and at this point you’re more than keeping your site running.

Twitter Access

My account is logged in through a twitter account of mine. Around three months ago it got locked out so I couldn’t get into my account, but that’s not the problem. I made a new account and everything and it was going fine. Today I got my twitter account unlocked so I logged out of my new this app account and tried to log into my old one, but every time I do it takes me to the “log into your twitter” page and when I click “authenticate” it glitches out and just goes back to the log in screen. I thought it was just something with my account since it had just been unlocked so I tried to log back into my new account which is connected through my new twitter and it wouldn’t let me back in, it just glitched like the first time. I tried deleting and re-downloading WeHeartIt as well as trying to log in on the website and as many different ways as I could but nothing works. I love WeHeartIt and I make my layouts for twitter on it, please help me fix this 🙁

Was A Great App But They Ruined It.

I’ve been using this app for a few years now and it has been an amazing few years with it. I’ve had no complaints with it at all until the end of 2019 approached. Now, everything costs money. They added watermarks and limits for how many photos we can download. It’s pretty stupid if you ask me. The watermarking system is awful. They watermark images they haven’t even uploaded themselves and basically take others work. Its ironic because you always hear about not stealing work but look what WeHeartIt is doing. We have to pay for premium which is 100% useless, unwanted and unnecessary. Plus, they added ads that we must watch before downloading images. I’ve never been so aggravated with an app in a while and this app just brought it back. I’m very disappointed in this apps development and hope that it’s fixed because let’s be honest, very few people like or appreciate this new thing they have going. Thank you very much.

good, but.

i like WeHeartIt! i think WeHeartIt is good but there are 3 small changes that could really make it so much smoother and better.
– whenever i scroll through my profile and click on whatever collection, when i back out of the collection WeHeartIt takes me straight back up to the top of my profile. if it didn’t do this, the experience of scrolling through your own collections would be much smoother without being interrupted by the automatic-scroll feature.
– it doesn’t save my place on the “explore” tab. if i click off to my profile after looking at explore, and then click back to explore, my place is lost and so is whatever thing i was searching for. id really like it to save my place so i can navigate WeHeartIt freely w/o being worried about losing it.
– the ads on WeHeartIt are very sensitive. if you move your finger to scroll down your feed, and you swipe over the ad to do that, the ad will pop open a new window. it happens much more often than any of my other apps with ads. without the major ad sensitivity the experience could be a lot smoother for browsing.
i really hope the developers read this! i like WeHeartIt but i’m being serious when i say these changes could make me love it.

Weird things happening.

I love WeHeartIt and have spent a long time curating collections and just generally enjoying it. Like most we heart it users I slowly gain followers, and for me using WeHeartIt is not about followers but about looking at and uploading fun pictures and articles. I have recently started getting hundreds of new followers, and don’t get me wrong, that’s cool, but I have noticed that none of them have any hearted picture or have followers themselves but they’re following sometimes thousands of people. It’s a little unnerving to see this happening since it seems like bot activity. I love WeHeartIt and will continue to use it but you might want to look into that. I really don’t want my followers to be fake people or bots who aren’t actually enjoying my page.

Ara 7 months ago

Way too many ads! I have been using we heart it for a decade now and every time the ads gets worse, want to download an image? Ad, want to scroll sideways? Ad, want to keep looking at images? Ad!! The app itself has made it to the ground and honestly I hope one day they either fix it or shut it down for good, no wonder why Pinterest is getting better.

Is We Heart It Safe?

Yes. We Heart It is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 16,582 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for We Heart It Is 37.6/100.

Is We Heart It Legit?

Yes. We Heart It is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 16,582 We Heart It User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for We Heart It Is 51.8/100..

Is We Heart It not working?

We Heart It works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

Heartists Club Premium Features

– Price: $4.99 per month or $35.99 per year

– Premium Home Screen widgets

– Customizable app icon

– Customizable profile background and colors

– Access to exclusive wallpapers

– Download unlimited watermark-free images

– Exclusive filters and overlays

– Free 3-day trial available

We Heart It v9.0.1 (Premium) APK

We Heart It is a refreshing positive community where you can search, save, and share what inspires you. Browse We Heart It and share your passion for inspirational quotes, fashion, beauty, photography, travel, music and more. Join millions of creators on We Heart It and explore countless collections of inspiring photos and articles!

Use the We Heart It app to:

Get inspiration ✨

– Explore the topics popular in your daily feed of inspiring content: quotes, fashion, photography, wallpapers, travel, beauty, celebrities, TV, movies, and more
Search millions of posts and find inspiration from our community of creators
Follow like-minded content creators, top influencers, trending topics, and groups
Discover the best writers who share their life experiences, review and recommend new products, share their daily routines, and more.

Save and save ⭐

– Download and save your favorite photos in the camera roll
– Heart posts you love and save in a group
Invite friends to participate in collaborative groups

Upload content and build your following ��

– Upload and edit photos in our built-in photo editor
– Write articles and share them with your followers
– Endlessly curate your profile and groups
– Discover! Top posts are promoted and shared with millions of users

Create. heart. Share ��

Create content that inspires and inspires your followers
– Add a heart to your favorite posts and add them to a group on your profile
– Share your masterpiece with and outside the community: Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

Premium subscription ��

– Customize your app icon: Choose from several unique app icons and watch your app icon change instantly!
– Personalize your profile: Choose from various unique backgrounds and colors to make your profile stand out from the rest!
– Access to exclusive backgrounds: Download 60 hand-picked wallpapers curated by our editors
– Download unlimited free watermark photos: flip and save your favorite photos without that annoying watermark!
– Get your best look: apply one of our exclusive filters or overlays to make your photos stand out from the rest!
– Unleash an ad-free experience: Browse endless inspiration without any distractions!
– Start your free 3-day trial today!

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